Native Instruments Massive

Native Instruments Massive 1.5

A synthesizer for bass and lead music tracks
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Create a musical composition with synthesized bass and lead tracks. Apply the tools from the package to create unique sounds and combine them with other elements, then control the output and listen to the samples. The suite features multiple bass options.

The Native Instruments Massive 1.1 is a powerhouse music application for generating synthesizer-audio for basses and leads, which delivers quality music output from the very first till the last note played, and helps the user greatly in synchronizing the music. It is basically a top-end audio engine, which unveils a wide variety of sounds right from deep and delicate crystalline leads down to rocking leads and brutal basses.

Massive 1.1 comes with wave scanning oscillator-generated sounds of analog as well as digital type, and easy-to-use knobs with dynamic value indicators. The application features plenty of cool functionalities such as drag and drop modulation assignment, step sequencers, 17 superb master effects along with many other advanced remote and sequencing features to help the user.

Moreover, this proficient application supports various Audio Units such as VST, DXi, and RTAS under Pro Tools 7, ASIO, Core Audio, Core MIDI, DirectSound and the likes of them. The tool requires any 32-bit compatible environment to function with 64-bit versions of Windows XP or Vista. Its innovative and intuitive features allow easy creation of fresh new sounds at a high speed and the user-interface is also fairly satisfactory.

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  • 17 built-in master effects, supports various audio formats


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